Wondering Where to Shop for Buy Local Week?

    July 6, 2017

Buy Local Week, from July 22-30, encourages consumers to take the Buy Local Challenge, by committing to eat at least one thing from a local farm each day of the week. Instead of shipping your money off to large, industrially-run operations thousands of miles from home, buying local is an effective way to support small family farmers and businesses in one’s own community. Over $200 million would go directly to Maryland farmers if every household in the state bough $12 worth of farm goods for eight weeks.

Did you know an average meal in the United States contains ingredients from at least five other countries. When you buy local food products, you’re cutting down on environmental pollution associated with shipping food long distances.

Along with the nod to Mother Earth, buying locally (especially directly from your local, sustainable farmers) is a great way to build relationships, and have more insight into how your food is being produced. It’s so important to support those local farmers who are growing and producing food in a way that promotes both community and environmental health.

In order to make the Buy Local Challenge a little easier, we’ve plotted our forward-thinking partners on a map as a way for you to find restaurants, farmers’ markets, and farmers from which to buy some local, delicious, and sustainable summer goodies.

To view the layers of the map, click the arrow in the gray bar to the left of the words “Fair Farms Partners.” From there, you can zoom in on the map and see partner eateries, farms, markets, business, and nonprofits.


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