Webinar: One Year In: Maryland’s Groundbreaking Law on Antibiotics Use and Reporting

On  Friday, June 18th at 1:00pm join Maryland PIRG Foundation, Maryland Nurses Association, Clean Water Action, Fair Farms, Natural Resources Defense Council, Maryland Votes for Animals, Maryland Conservation Council, and the Antibiotic Resistance Action Center at George Washington University for a roundtable discussion and update on Maryland’s work to protect lifesaving antibiotics.

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Maryland’s groundbreaking 2019 law, the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act prohibits the use of medically important antibiotics on healthy livestock and poultry, an industrial farming practice that contributes to the rise of antibiotic-resistance. The majority of medically important antibiotics sold for use in the United States go to food-producing animals — not humans. Overusing antibiotics in meat production can breed drug-resistant bacteria that can travel off the farm and make people sick. The law also requires reporting about antibiotic use on farms to help ensure compliance with the law and track progress in reducing antibiotic use.

Come hear about Maryland’s first annual report on antibiotics use on farms, and what it means for the state and country. Dr. Lance Price, the Founding Director of George Washington University’s Antibiotic Resistance Action Center will moderate a Zoom discussion.

Speakers and Panelists:

  • Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown,  Perdue Farms, Senior Vice President of Live Production and Technology Innovation
  • Sara Burnett, Panera Bread, Vice President, Food Values, Sustainability and PR
  • State Senator Paul Pinsky, Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee Chair and bill sponsor
  • State Delegate Sara Love, Environment and Transportation Committee member and bill sponsor
  • Emily Scarr, Maryland PIRG Director
  • More speakers announced soon!

If antibiotics lose their effectiveness, we’ll turn the clock back on modern medicine, making common infections, simple surgeries and childbirth much more dangerous — even life-threatening.

Learn about how the law is working, what the first report reveals, and what’s next for state and federal action on antibiotic resistance. 

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