We Are Fair Farms

A campaign for healthy food, land, and waterways

Who We Are

Fair Farms is building a movement of Marylanders of all stripes, working together for a new food system — one that is fair to farmers, invests in homegrown healthy foods, and restores our waterways instead of polluting them.

Visionary family farmers who are working with the deck stacked against them are at the heart of a sustainable food system. Growing food in balance with nature rather than struggling against it, they are farming against the grain and forging a new path to supplying Marylanders with an abundance of natural, earth-friendly food.

Car Ride at Shine and Rise FarmThese visionary farmers are the exception in our out-of-balance food system—a system that rewards the practices of large-scale, industrial farm operations who are producing cheap food with steep hidden costs. Even though many large-scale farmers have the best of intentions, there is no way around the fact that certain agricultural practices compromise public health, harm our waterways, and ignore the long-term health of the soil. Most of our food is produced by these farms. The system needs to change.

The Fair Farms Campaign brings together consumers, farmers, public health professionals, and conservationists to advocate for visionary farming practices and support farmers who farm against the grain while protecting our waterways and our lands.  Together, with our Farmer Advisory Council, our Steering Committee and other Partners, we will build a truly sustainable food system that is fair to all.

Contact: Info (at) FairFarmsNow.org.

Join us in taking charge of the future of our food and our ecosystem today…


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