Video: “Our Broken Food System” by the Union of Concerned Scientists

    March 17, 2016

It’s a presidential and legislative election year. With that, the Union of a Concerned Scientists has launched an initiative, “Plate of the Union,” to ask candidates to address issues related to our broken food system — and to ask voters (you) to demand from candidates their positions on how to fix it.

This video lays out how things got the way they are; why most of what farmers grow is NOT eaten (directly) by humans, and how, if we work towards a solution, we can get it right.  Right now, we pay huge subsidies to grow the wrong things. At the same time, we pay doctors to remedy the public health maladies that arise from the wrong kind of eating.

Fair Farms, our farmers, steering committee members and partners are on-the-ground working on these issues in Maryland. Join us by taking the pledge to be a Fair Farms consumer.

Enjoy this short Union of Concerned Scientists video:


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