Video Release: “The Future of Food”

Fair Farms just released our newest videoThe Future of Foodin partnership with the Click & Pledge Foundation’s “The Next Generation” project. Campaign Manager Shelby Kalm brings to the screen untold stories of Fair Farms partners who are creating a food system that nourishes the environment and sustainably feeds their communities. The farmers that we spoke with touched on the importance of sourcing local products and how consumers impact rural and urban farmers.

“Every single new customer that a farm like ours gets is hugely important.”
– Nick Bailey, Grand View Farm

Many of our farm partners are small, family-owned operations. They are committed to farming with sustainability in mind, whether it be through pesticide-free practices, stormwater retention, or other methods. Even though they may have different farming practices, all of these farmers can agree on one thing – consumers have more power than they realize. By supporting local farms, we can ensure that we are working to create a food system that builds up our local economy and improves the health of our communities.

Thank you Grand View Farm, Whitelock Community Farm and Coops & Crops for opening up your farms to us and The Next Generation Project!