Video: Farm to Table Meal with Even’ Star Organic Farm and Elements Eatery

Fair Farms visited Even’ Star Organic Farm in Lexington Park (St. Mary’s County) last week to see how Elements Eatery’s chef/owner Rob Plant goes about creating a farm-to-table meal.

In the morning, we walked the farm, talked about the benefits of biodiversity with farmer Brett Grohsgal and tasted things that couldn’t be any fresher. In the afternoon, we filmed at the restaurant where Chef Rob prepared our delicious meal.

It’s too bad YouTube doesn’t include a smell-a-vision component. This was a delightful and delicious meal. You could taste the freshness and the love that Chef Rob puts into each and every bite.

For our first course, we had fresh salad greens and a pizza topped with jalapeño peppers, fresh basil and lemon sorrel. Next, a meatloaf Napoleon. For dessert, a decadent chocolate chip cookie with strawberries that had been picked just a few hours earlier.

Many thanks to our partners Even’ Star Organic Farm and Elements Eatery.