Video Blog: Glen’s Garden Market, A Fair Farms Endorsing Partner

    January 4, 2016

Danielle Vogel is the owner of  Glen’s Garden Market, a grocery store with two Washington, DC locations (Dupont and Shaw). The store is an endorsing Partner with Fair Farms.Glen's Garden Market in Shaw.

For most of her life, Danielle Vogel thought she’d spend her career in politics. She fully expected to run for public office one day. To prepare, she worked on Capitol Hill for Rep. Chris Shays (R-Connecticut), then finished law school. After working on climate legislation for Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut), Danielle found herself frustrated by the inability of Congress to make solid progress on important issues.

It was then that Danielle decided that she wanted to be the change she sought in the world. On Earth Day 2012 she opened Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont Circle. The 10,000 square foot store is locally-sourced with items from within the Chesapeake Bay watershed: there’s granola from Pennsylvania and duck bacon from New Jersey; milk from Maryland and chocolates from New York; there’s Virginia wine and Delaware beer.

In late 2015, Danielle opened a second store in Shaw. Although smaller than the Dupont location, the Shaw site offers the same attention to detail in the quality of goods, the sourcing of local items through vendors who focus on sustainability, and adds an atmosphere of plenty in a neighborhood that has long struggled with issues of availability.

In December of 2015, Glen’s Garden Market signed on to be an endorsing Partner with Fair Farms.

Check out Danielle’s video blog here:

You too can join as an endorsing partner — whether you’re a grocer, a green business, a farmer, a farm market, an environmental organization (or something else we need but haven’t thought of yet) — we need your voice to help us create a more sustainable food system.

For information on joining as a Partner (there isn’t a cost, it’s your voice we want), email We’ll add you to our ever-growing list.

Danielle said in her interview, “we specifically seek out and cultivate relationships with vendors that treat their land, their animals, and their ingredients with respect.”

A shared vision for is one of the reasons she signed on to be a Fair Farms partner.

If you haven’t already, please remember to Take the Pledge to be a Fair Farms consumer. After you do, take the time to research and spend your food dollars on items sourced from growers who care about the long-term sustainability of the environment in their land-use practices.

Policy pro-turned-businessperson Danielle Vogel is doing her part to give consumers the choices they deserve in the marketplace. Do your part by supporting her efforts.


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