VICTORY: Poultry Giant Sanderson Farms Quits Antibiotics Habit

    December 3, 2018

Sanderson Farms Antibiotics Victory

We did it!

At long last, Sanderson Farms, the third largest poultry company in the country, has announced that they will end the preventative use of antibiotics on their farms. This is a big win in the fight against antibiotic resistant superbugs and we couldn’t have done it without folks like you speaking out!

Almost two years ago, many of you signed a petition to Sanderson Farms urging them to change their ways. Fair Farms had more than one personal conversation with Sanderson Farms’ top leadership in 2017, directly asking them to shift their practices. We reviewed the stacks of research proving that the routine use of antibiotics in livestock creates dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can infect people. We pointed to other poultry companies and chicken farmers who prove every day that antibiotics aren’t needed to prevent disease. Unfortunately, the company would not announce a shift in their antibiotics policy.

Nevertheless, we persisted.

Fair Farms shifted our strategy and pressured companies who buy Sanderson Farms chicken to turn up the heat on their supplier. Over the past year, thousands of you joined us in calling on regional grocery chain Weis Markets to drop Sanderson as their store-brand chicken unless the poultry company cleaned up its act and quit its antibiotics habit.

Our local efforts here in Maryland, coupled with campaigns from friends and partners across the country, worked! Finally, Sanderson Farms has committed to no longer using medically important antibiotics to prevent illness in their birds.

We are humbled by your diligent advocacy — never doubt that small actions have the potential to yield dramatic results. Together, we have the power to take on a powerful industry and force it to change.


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