VICTORY: Hogan Administration Invests $200,000 in Farmers Market Matching Program

Take Action: Thank Governor Hogan for his Leadership

Christmas Farms and Families Petition Delivery

Christmas came early for local farmers and food-insecure Marylanders! On December 21st, Governor Hogan announced that the state will be investing $200,000 in the Farms and Families Grant Program to double farmers market purchases made by low-income families using their federal nutrition benefits.

Join us in thanking Governor Hogan and his staff for supporting such a worthy program!

Please fill out the form below to thank Governor Hogan. The Hogan administration requires a phone number to submit feedback as well as a letter topic, we suggest Economic Development. To increase your impact, please customize your message. This action opportunity is only open to Maryland residents.

Valentines Day Farms and Families Petition Delivery

This wouldn’t have happened without your dogged advocacy and a series of special deliveries.

Over the past year, we delivered hundreds of messages from farmers, anti-hunger advocates, and people like YOU to the Hogan administration asking for funding.

Now we are planning our next delivery: a big ol’ thank you note for Governor Hogan in appreciation of his support of the Farms and Families Program. 

Thank you for your efforts – you have made the new year brighter for farmers and low-income families.


The Maryland Farms and Families Act, which passed the General Assembly unanimously during the 2017 legislative session and Governor Hogan signed into law, created an unfunded grant program that would match purchases made by low-income Marylanders using federal nutrition assistance like SNAP and WIC at participating farmers markets. Maryland’s General Assembly again showed their commitment to this program by “fencing off” funding for it in its Fiscal Year 2019 budget that passed in March 2018. The agriculture and anti-hunger community has been working since the bill’s original passage to ensure that the funds were allocated by the Maryland Department of Agriculture for the worthy program rather than reverting back to our state’s General Fund unspent.

The first farmers market matching program in the nation was introduced here in Maryland in 2007. Since then, the programs have rapidly proliferated across the country, with many jurisdictions providing substantial budgetary support. The Maryland Farmers Market Association has been operating a state-wide matching program called Maryland Market Money since 2013, almost exclusively using private funding. But demand for the program far exceeds the funding available to operate such a program.