UMES Bus Tour: Exploring Small Farms through New Jersey and Delaware

    September 12, 2018

We had a blast at the University of Maryland Easter Shore (UMES) Small Farms Bus Tour last month (and the pictures to prove it). The tour was sponsored in-part by the USDA Office of Advocacy and Outreach, the Future Harvest Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, and the USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act. The goal of the event was to provide farmers with valuable insight on how to increase their bottom line through agritourism, value-added products, and agricultural diversity.

All photos taken by the talented farmer and photographer, Shayne Darling-Meyer. For more of her work, visit her on Instagram @shaynesplantedbymd.

In addition to walking by gorgeous dahlias and fragrant lavender, we were able to see how soap was made using the farm’s own lavender.
Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor, Milton, DE

We learned about research the university is doing to combat parasites in small ruminants.
Delaware State University – Hickory Hill Farm, Kenton, DE

This Pick-Your-Own operation had everything from apples to turkeys (though the turkeys are not part of the Pick-Your-Own deal).
Lee Turkey Farm, East Windsor, NJ

This brewery, which gets its name from a once noisy congregation up the road, grows its own hops and Christmas trees.
Screamin’ Hill Brewery and Bullock Farms, Cream Ridge, NJ

The sweetest spot on the tour was definitely this River-Friendly farm that produces maple syrup, soap, and maple syrup vinegar.
Sweet Sourland Farms, Hopewell, NJ

This organic produce operation had all sorts of clever ways to save time, money, and energy – like using a”CoolBot” instead of a traditional walk-in refrigerator.
Chickadee Creek Farm, Pennington, NJ

We were able to see all of the interesting test plots Rutgers was studying including tiger nuts and “super hot peppers” including Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpian, and Ghost Pepper.
Rutgers University Research and Development Farm, New Brunswick, NJ

We ended our trip to an aquaponics operation, which unlike many other operations of its kind, raised Koi instead of edible fish.
Benni Hanna Nishikigoi / Rowan University Research and Aquaponics Center, Carneys Point, NJ



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