The ASPCA Urges Consumers to “Shop With Your Heart”

The ASPCA is the nation’s first animal welfare organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to all animals, including animals raised for food on farms. The ASPCA’s farm animal welfare work aims to ensure that farm animals live a life free from cruelty and unfit living conditions, able to carry out their natural behaviors. Like Fair Farms, they encourage consumers to learn more about food labels and certifications to ensure that the food they’re buying is sourced more humanely.  

As part of this work, the ASPCA created the “Shop With Your Heart” campaign, which aims to empower consumers to improve the lives of farm animals by demanding better of food companies. Shop With Your Heart recognizes three independent animal welfare certifications as meaningfully better for farm animals:

  • Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World;
  • Certified Humane; and
  • Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Certified (Steps 2 and above)

By signing up to “Shop With Your Heart,” you can pledge to seek out welfare-certified meat, eggs, dairy, and plant-based products and receive resources to make finding higher-welfare products easier. Included in those resources are a detailed label guide, a list of nationally available welfare-certified and plant-based brands, a comprehensive list of welfare-certified farms in each state, and seasonal shopping lists to make every meal more welfare-conscious. In addition, the “Shop With Your Heart” program offers a free, text-based shopping helpline to help consumers make more informed choices in real time. 

The ASPCA believes that no matter what you eat, you can play a role in improving the lives of farm animals. There are so many ways to advocate for farm animals- supporting higher-welfare farmers near you is a great way to get involved locally and feel good about the food you eat. If you know of a farm near you that you think belongs on the ASPCA’s farm list, contact the Farm Team at Take the Shop With Your Heart pledge today and then visit the Advocate Resources page on the ASPCA website to learn more about current legislation affecting farm animals and what you can do to help. 

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