Taking Action

Fair Farms campaign works on legislation and regulatory reform in Maryland that will further our goal of building a just and fair food system. In addition, we monitor developments on the federal level that will impact our ability to achieve our goals on the state and local level. We will often call upon you to help us with our legislative and regulatory reform priorities by making calls, sending emails, signing petitions, providing testimony and showing up to important hearings and rallies.

Latest Actions

End Antibiotic Overuse in Maryland

Antibiotic resistant infections result in: at least 2 million sick, up to 162 thousand deaths, and at least $55 billion excess hospital costs. In 2017, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act with broad, bipartisan support in order to stop the routine use of antibiotics in livestock who are not sick, a…

The Maryland Farms and Families Fund

Everyone deserves access to sustainable, locally-grown food. The Maryland Farms and Families Fund (HB84 | SB483) sponsored by Del. Charkoudian and Sen. Guzzone, would mandate funding each year for the Farms and Families Program – which supports programs that match purchases made by Marylanders using federal nutrition assistance like SNAP at participating farmers markets. The Program…