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Fair Farms advocates on a wide array of important issues, especially during this Maryland General Assembly session, which runs January through early April. We need your help! Fair Farms will offer several opportunities throughout the year for you to take action and make your voice heard on critical policy issues!

Current Actions

Gov. Hogan: Support Local Farmers

With your help, last year Maryland created the Maryland Food for Maryland Institutions Study Group whose goal has been to increase the amount of locally grown food procured by Maryland institutions, providing more market opportunities for our local farming community. This year, we’re urging Governor Hogan to include funding for: Certified Local Farmer Enterprise Program…
CERCLA Farm Action Alert

Petition: EPA Action Endangers Rural Health, Air Quality

We will be submitting these comments including your name and zip code to the EPA via Regulations.gov. This information along with any personalized comments you share may be publicly disclosed and searchable on the Internet and in a paper docket and will be provided to the Department or Agency issuing the notice. To view any…
Poultry House, Pixabay

Take Action: Good & bad news in our fight to stop superbugs

Bad news: The Hogan Administration’s draft regulations for the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act undermine the intent of the law and will likely fail to stop the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria on Maryland farms. Good news: The Maryland legislators tasked with reviewing draft regulations like these (the “AELR” Committee) has used their power to temporarily…
Farmer Selling at Market

Action Alert: Ask Governor Hogan to Fund the Farms and Families Act

Help Support Local Farmers and Food-Insecure Families Maryland has the opportunity to move forward on a win-win program that directly invests in farmers throughout the state and helps low-income families purchase local and healthy fruits and vegetables. But we need your help to make this a reality! Please fill out the form below to ask…
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Take Action: Save the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act!

Last year, with your vocal support, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Keep Antibiotics Effective Act to prohibit the overuse of human antibiotics in meat production. More than a year after the bill became law, without Gov. Hogan’s signature, the Hogan Administration finally released draft regulations to implement the law, and unfortunately the regulations are so weak that the…