Take Action!

Fair Farms advocates on a wide array of important issues, especially during this Maryland General Assembly session, which runs January through early April. We need your help! Fair Farms will offer several opportunities throughout the year for you to take action and make your voice heard on critical policy issues!

Current Actions

Help Maryland Farmers Fight Climate Change

Take Action to support the creation of the Maryland Healthy Soils Grant Program (HB1176)! This program would make grants available for voluntary projects that increase carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emission reductions on farms throughout Maryland. The program would promote dozens of wide-ranging practices that are known to build soil health and sequester carbon—ensuring that…

Support Farm to Institution Initiatives in Maryland

With your help, last year Maryland created the Maryland Food for Maryland Institutions Study Group whose goal has been to increase the amount of locally grown food procured by Maryland institutions, providing more market opportunities for our local farming community. Out of that diverse network of stakeholders, came the idea to establish the two important…

Take Action: Expand Maryland’s Cost-Share Program

Take Action Now to support the expansion of the Maryland Agriculture Water Quality Cost-Share (MACS) Program (HB687/SB597)! Maryland spends approximately $30 million per year for conservation measures on farms. About 80% of these funds pay for “annual” management practices while payments for cost-effective, longer term practices like pastures and forest buffers are drastically reduced. Farmers…