Take Action: Support Urban Agriculture in Maryland

Take Action to establish the Urban Agriculture Grant Program (SB673/HB269)!

Sponsored by Sen. Gallion and Del. Wells, this meaningful bill would establish an Urban Agriculture Grant Program and Fund housed within the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA). It will be up to MDA to establish and define the program, but the bill is a necessary first step to providing more assistance to urban farmers in Maryland.

Supporting urban agriculture is an important part of building a resilient food system that promotes food sovereignty. This important will bill is a necessary first step to providing more assistance to urban farmers in Maryland. Please ask your state legislators to establish this important program—Maryland’s urban farmers deserve it!

There are myriad benefits provided by urban agriculture in Maryland:

  • Provides a use for otherwise vacant lots
  • Boosts the local economy
  • Builds strong and healthy communities
  • Creates edible landscapes that connect us to our food
  • Fights food insecurity and promotes food sovereignty

Thank you for doing your part to support local farmers in Maryland!