September 2019: Welcome New Fair Farms Partners

    September 15, 2019

Fair Farms is proud to welcome these partners to our growing campaign!

If you are interested in adding your voice, please contact us by email. You can check out our other wonderful partners here.


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Atwater’s is a Baltimore-based maker and purveyor of traditional foods. All are crafted by hand with fresh, often organic and seasonally local ingredients. Their friendships with farmers inspire the foods they make and give them an understanding of their ingredients.

Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op

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The Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op promotes healthful living by offering wholesome foods, high quality produce and community resources in a clean, friendly and cooperative grocery store…that you can own!

The White Oak Tavern

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The White Oak Tavern in Ellicott City uses the best local, seasonal, and sustainable meats and produce whenever possible. They offer a wide range of beer styles which we pair with and/or are incorporated into their menu items, and all items are made entirely from scratch in-house.



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