Thanks for taking the Fair Farms pledge. Now what?

We’ve compiled resources to help you make informed buying decisions.

Fair Farms is here to help you learn about where to find farmers and products that speak to your values and how to navigate your way through a confusing maze of labels. Farmers Market Apple to Hand

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  • Know the Environmental Impacts of the Foods You Buy:
    • Eating with a Conscience database from Beyond Pesticides evaluates the impacts on the environment and farmworkers from toxic chemicals used on major food crops.
    • Water Reporter crowdsourcing app for Apple and Android allows you to self-report water quality and pollution.
    • Swim Guide app for Apple and Android shows water quality monitoring reports (by location) from Riverkeepers, Coastkeepers, Lakekeepers and affiliated groups.
    • Check out North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education’s free e-book on sustainable agriculture.