Pawpaw Season is Here! 

September is the season of pawpaws! Pawpaws are tropical fruits native to the mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions. Pawpaws have notes of banana, mango, and sometimes pineapple. The soft fruit can be made into jams, ice creams, smoothies, or simply eaten in their natural state. 

Pawpaws are very perishable so they have to be sold almost immediately after being picked off the tree. The tropical delicacy can range from $6 to $15 a pound, but it might be hard to find them in a grocery store; they are usually sold at farmers’ markets or online gourmet stores. Although they are native to the region, development has destroyed much of the natural habitat necessary for their growth. The specialty fruit is not easily cultivated. They require well-drained, slightly acidic soil, and harvesting the fruit is labor intensive. 

The 5th annual Pawpaw festival occurred on Saturday September 19th at Long Creek Homestead in Frederick, Maryland. The celebration included tastings, ice cream and jam making, orchard tours and more. Be sure to get your hands on a pawpaw before the season ends!