Owl’s Nest Farm: Building the World She Wants to See through Regenerative Agriculture

    April 25, 2018

This past winter, the Food Tank Summit put on their conference in Washington, D.C. focusing on “Cultivating the Next Generation of Young Food Leaders.” Among the panels of passionate young food leaders was Fair Farms’ very own farmer advisor, Liz Whitehurst of Owl’s Nest Farm.

Liz has been a partner of ours for a year now, and has proven to be a huge help in driving the conversation about what types of work we can do to help small sustainable farmers like her and build a more equitable food system, from farm to fork. In her talk, Liz discusses how she came to farming in a roundabout way, and how through regenerative farming, she believes a new world is beginning to blossom.

Early in her career Liz was on a path towards becoming a human rights lawyer, until she shifted gears. Over time, she found that rather than breaking down oppressive systems that were already in place, she wanted to focus her energy on regenerative practices that will help build the world she wants to see—and also build healthy soil with a healthy mix of fungi, bacteria, and invertebrates.

Liz describes the oppression of workers, eaters, and the environment that dominates the current food system. Many of the negative impacts of the food system are hidden, and that is no accident. “Keeping the harm hidden allows the system to function as it is,” Liz explained.

By building strong relationships, sharing ideas, and listening with an open mind, she has created a small corner of the world where farming organically and regeneratively is now a rebellious act moving towards a more sustainable future. “This world, the one we want, is not only possible but it is happening right now. We’re actively creating it,” Liz concluded.

Thank you to Liz for all that you do not only for Fair Farms, but for the sustainable farming community and land you grow on. We are truly grateful for all of your hard work!


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