November 2018: Welcome New Fair Farms Partners

    November 26, 2018

Fair Farms is proud to welcome these partners to our growing campaign!

If you are interested in adding your voice, please contact us by email. You can check out our other wonderful partners here.

Chocolates and Tomatoes

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Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm strives to be sustainable, colorful, and delicious. The founder, farmer, and chocolatier, Mark Mills, graduated from pastry school in 2013 and wanted to find a way to share his passion for unique foods and flavors by growing them sustainably, creatively crafting edible treats, and selling them locally.

Ida B’s Table

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Ida B’s Table is a modern soul food restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. Their menu reflects Chef David’s commitment to sourcing local produce and proteins whenever possible, with a preference for non-GMO foods, organically grown, and at the height of their seasonal freshness.

Local Food Marketplace


The mission of Local Food Marketplace is to increase the amount of food purchased and eaten locally by providing technology and services for food hubs to sell and distribute local food to consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions



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