Help Wanted: Seeking Super Volunteers

    May 3, 2018

Building a new food system that is fair to farmers, nourishes our land, and protects waterways is no easy task. We need your help to make it happen! Fair Farms is on the hunt for a few super volunteers to help us build our movement and achieve our ambitious goals. Check out the opportunities below and if any feel like a good match for you, please email Shelby Kalm, our friendly Outreach Coordinator, to learn more and introduce yourself.


Are you a shutterbug who loves photographing local farms and food? We are in need of new photos for our website, social media, and print materials and could use your help. We will connect you with a local farm, farmers market, restaurant, or other interesting Fair Farms partner so you can capture your vision of what Fair Farms means and share your artistry with our community.

Michael Pollan Quote - Fair Farms

Are you a budding graphic designer who needs to beef up your portfolio, or a seasoned designer willing to donate your expertise? We have many inspirational quotes and data points that we would like to share on social media, but we need an inspired way to do so. If you are Photoshop or Canva connoisseur, we would love to connect on this project.

Woman working on computer

Do you want a mindless task that you can knock out while watching reality TV (it’s all about balance!)? We regularly collect emails at events that we need to type up into a spreadsheet. It would be such a help to us if you were willing to support us in building the Fair Farms community in this way.

Fair Farms Tabling

Are you a people person who likes to attend fun food and farming events? We have several festivals, community events, concerts, and more coming up where we could use a hand tabling and talking to interested folks about the campaign.

Woman Writing in Journal

Calling all writers and bloggers! We are always looking for new content on our blog to showcase sustainable agriculture in Maryland. We are happy to share our ideas that we haven’t had time to research and write up, or hear from you what you would like to cover.

If none of these opportunities feel like a good fit, but you are still interested in supporting our work, please reach out. We have lots to do and we can explore other tasks that might be a better match.q


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