Fair Farms Seeking Talent

By Dawn Stoltzfus
Coordinator, Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition

Do you have a passion for environmental advocacy, sustainable agriculture and food system reform? Do want to be “part of the solution” to build a better food system for our state and our future? If you’re reading this post, chances are good that you might!

The Fair Farms campaign is seeking an experienced professional to serve as our new Campaign Manager.

As a member of the Fair Farms Steering Committee, and the coordinator of the Maryland Clean Agriculture Coalition, I can say firsthand that this campaign – powered by farmers, foodies and clean water lovers – is having a major impact on finding solutions to support sustainable agriculture and protect our environment.

Having launched just a few short years ago, Fair Farms has already made impressive progress in building a holistic movement for healthy, sustainable farming. Fair Farms is building new alliances, sparking positive conversations and planting the seeds of a better future for people who grow food – and those who eat it.

The Campaign Manager plays an enormous role in making it all happen.

Please read the job description here – help us find the next great leader to help us keep expanding Fair Farms and build a better food system for our future.