Fair Farms Partner Farms 2020 CSAs – Open Now

In light of COVID-19 and the abruptions to our local food system, Fair Farms put together a list of our partner farms who are still offering CSA shares. It’s wonderful to invest in your local farms and ensure consistent, quality produce for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons!   


Calliope Farms (Wicomico County) 

This CSA program is OPEN for the Fall 2020 season and offers fresh, seasonal, and certified organic vegetables. Calliope Farms is committed to sustainable practices that preserve farmland and promote healthy ecosystems. 

Crooked Fence Farm (Baltimore and Carroll County) 

While this CSA program is sold out, you can still join the WAITLIST. Crooked Fence Farm offers customizable shares where you can choose the size of your vegetable shares and include add-ons of eggs, bread, and/or flowers. They offer different pickup locations and payment plan options as well.

Good Dog Farm (Baltimore County) 

Good Dog Farm’s customizable CSA program is OPEN for the 2020 season. Choose your vegetables and add-ons of eggs, fruit, bread, and/or flowers. You can also choose your pickup location, dates for pickup, and a payment plan. SNAP benefits accepted here.

Owl’s Nest Farm (Prince George’s County) 

This CSA program is OPEN for the Winter 2020 season. Produce includes garlic, radishes, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and much more. Choose an add-on option of eggs and/or grains. Pickup options are in D.C. Owl’s Nest offers reduced prices for low-income folks, with payment plans and bartering options available. 

Calvert Farm (Cecil County) 

Calvert Farm’s CSA program is OPEN for the Fall/Winter 2020 season. Vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, salad mix, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and much more. A full list of pick up locations can be found here. This CSA program also offers home delivery options to locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. 

Eco City Farms – (Prince George’s County) 

ECO City Farms’ CSA program is OPEN for the Fall 2020 season. Vegetables include green beans, eggplants, mustard greens, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and more. Customize your share size and pickup location and time. New protocols have been implemented due to COVID-19. ECO City Farms offers a 30 minute pickup window for curbside pickup.  

Even’ Star Organic Farm  (St. Mary’s County) 

Even’ Star Organic Farm’s CSA program is OPEN for the Winter 2020 season. They offer pre-assembled boxed with seasonal vegetables such as greens and savory roots. 

Evermore Farm (Carroll County)  

Evermore’s Fall 2020 CSA is OPEN. This CSA offers meat, eggs, and poultry shares with optional cheese and butter add-ons. Pick up your shares at the Evermore Farm or have them delivered right to your door for an extra fee. 

Fox Haven Organic Farm (Frederick County and Baltimore County) 

While Fox Haven Organic Farm’s CSA program is sold out for the Fall 2020 season, you can still join the WAITLIST. Shares offer a variety of herbs. Pickup locations are in Jefferson and Baltimore. 

Grand View Farm (Harford County)

Grand View Farm offers a similar option to the CSA programa Farm Box subscription delivered to your home. Subscriptions offer chicken and pork, and you get to choose the size and frequency of your farm box. 

Groundworks Farm (Wicomico County) 

The Groundworks Fall 2020 CSA program is sold out, however you can still join the WAITLIST. Groundworks Farm practices regenerative agriculture that is great for the environment. Your customizable CSA share comes with your choice of certified organic vegetables, eggs, local pastured chicken, local pasture-raised grass-fed meat, and cheese options. You can also choose your pickup location and dates. Payment plans available. 

Licking Creek Bend Farm (Needmore, PA)

This CSA program is OPEN for the Fall 2020 season. Your share comes with diverse fruits and vegetables such as eggplants, greens, kohlrabi, peppers, onions, squash, and more. Licking Creek Bend Farm offers multiple pickup locations and times across Maryland and D.C.

Little Wild Things Farm (Northeast DC) 

Little Wild Things Farm offers an Autumn Salad share similar to a CSA program. The share comes with a variety of seasonal greens. Pickup locations are in Northeast D.C. or you can choose a home delivery option. Little Wild Things Farm will donate one share to families in Northeast D.C. for every 20 shares sold. 

Nature’s Garlic Farm (Talbot County) 

Nature’s Garlic Farm offers an all-garlic CSA, OPEN yearly. The annual program provides half or whole shares with garlic bulbs, green garlic, and garlic scapes. Also, FREE DELIVERY. 

One Straw Farm (Baltimore County) 

This CSA program is OPEN for the Fall 2020 season. Customize your share by certified organic vegetables and size. One Straw Farm offers multiple pickup locations across Maryland. 

Open Book Farm (Fredrick County)

Open Book Farm’s CSA program is OPEN for the Winter 2020 season. Each month’s share includes pastured meat, two dozen pastured eggs, certified organic fruits and vegetables, and 10 pounds of certified organic storage vegetables. You may customize some vegetable and meat options. Due to COVID-19, Open Book Farm provides a zero contact pickup option.  

Priapi Gardens (Cecil County) 

The Fall/Winter 2020 CSA program is OPEN. Choose between two share sizes, and receive 8-10 items per week. Priapi Gardens offers multiple pickup locations around Maryland. 

Whitelock Community Farm (Baltimore County) 

Whitelock Community Farm’s CSA program is OPEN for the Fall 2020 season. Each week, you will receive 5-7 items plus an herb. Members also receive weekly share announcements, recipes, and preservation/storage techniques. Choose your pickup location and dates. Whitelock Community Farm accepts SNAP and WIC benefits as well as reduced rates and payment plans.

For a complete listing of Fair Farms Partners, click here.