Fair Farms Campaign Staff

Betsy Nicholas

img_5235-1About Betsy: Betsy Nicholas is the Founder of Fair Farms and Executive Director of Waterkeepers Chesapeake. After earning her law degree from Tulane, Betsy was an attorney in the U.S. Justice Department. Prior to that and since then, Betsy has been involved in the non-profit sector, working on environmental and agriculture issues.

Why Fair Farms? “Returning to our agricultural roots is an important component to my work because diversity in farm practices is a cornerstone to sustainability and the only path forward for a clean Chesapeake Bay.”

Humon Heidarian

About Humon: Humon Heidarian is a food equity advocate and gardener. He became interested in the intersection of agriculture, advocacy and policy while working at ECO City Farms as a Chesapeake Conservation Corps member and volunteering for the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council. He was born and raised in Montgomery County. He has a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Vermont.

Why Fair Farms? “Farming is the foundation that supports local economies and protects the land and waters for future generations. Advocating for food sovereignty and an equitable food system is the only way to maintain this foundation.”

Bernard Devlin

About Bernard: Bernard is the Communications & Outreach Coordinator for Fair Farms. Bernard’s experience includes working at Arundel Rivers Federation, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and the town of Edmonston. He has a passion for native plants, animals and clean water and much enthusiasm for meeting people.