Take the Clear Choices Clean Water Pollinator Pledge to Celebrate Pollinator Month!

Written by Casey Willson, Waterkeepers Chesapeake Intern  June is pollinator month for the Clear Choices Clean Water Campaign at Waterkeepers Chesapeake and we can’t wait to share all the amazing things that our native pollinators do for us and our ecosystems! A pollinator is any insect or animal that spreads pollen from plant to plant, …

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Fair Farms Legislative Priorities for 2021

With a new year comes new priorities for the Fair Farms campaign to focus on in the Maryland state legislature. With 2020 being particularly challenging, we hope that 2021 will give us the opportunity to pass legislation that can mitigate shortcomings in our food system that were brought to light last year. We hope that …

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Browsing Green Goats: “Spraying isn’t Cool”

Guest blog post by Mary T. Bowen of Browsing Green Goats and Prosperity Acres Farm in Sunderland, Md. You can rent goats from Mary to tackle overgrown weeds and brush as an alternative to herbicides. We’ve all done it: We’ve sprayed herbicides to get rid of the weeds at some point. Herbicides are designed to be toxic …

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Annapolis Sunset

Maryland’s 2018 Legislative Session in Review: Our Wins, Setbacks & Hopes for 2018

Phew, we made it! Maryland’s 2018 legislative session is officially complete, so Fair Farms is here to update you on what we were able to accomplish together, a couple setbacks, and our hopes for next year. While there were a host of bills on the docket related to food and farming, Fair Farms prioritized four. …

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Ban Chlorpyrifos in Maryland

Why Did Maryland’s General Assembly Kill the Bill to Ban the Toxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos?

Last week, the proposed bill to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos quietly died in Maryland’s Senate. This is incredibly disappointing news and puts the health of children, farmworkers, pollinators, and our environment in danger. Delegate Dana Stein and Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam spearheaded the effort to ban this dangerous pesticide after seeing the EPA backtrack on a plan to bar …

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