The ASPCA Urges Consumers to “Shop With Your Heart”

The ASPCA is the nation’s first animal welfare organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to all animals, including animals raised for food on farms. The ASPCA’s farm animal welfare work aims to ensure that farm animals live a life free from cruelty and unfit living conditions, able to carry out their natural behaviors. Like Fair Farms, …

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Grassfed Cattle -USDA

Your Purchasing Power: Consumer Demand is Changing Big (and Small) Food

* This is a guest blog post by Emma Green, an environmental studies and biology major at St. Mary’s College of Maryland You buy local and humanely raised meat, compost food scraps, and shop at farmers markets whenever possible — but do these small, individual actions make a difference? Yes! Your actions are part of …

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Pig Snout

Animal Welfare Standards for Organic Livestock in Danger

It’s More Important than Ever to Know Your Farmer Last year, we asked the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to move forward on a proposed rule aimed to safeguard the welfare of millions of animals across the country that are raised organic. Along with many of you, we were surprised to find that animals raised …

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Farm Bill Provides Opportunity for Increased U.S. Organic Production

On Thursday, July 13, members of the Senate held a hearing to listen to insights from leaders in organic and specialty markets so that their critiques could be included in the Senate’s upcoming draft of the Agricultural Act (commonly called the Farm Bill). The Senate and House of Representatives hold many hearings while developing the …

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How Does Your ‘Organic’ Milk Stack Up?

When one thinks of an organic dairy farm, bucolic images of cows grazing across grass-covered hills may come to mind, but is this accurate? Consumers pay significantly more for USDA Organic milk, but a recent expose in the Washington Post casts doubt on whether organic milk is really “organic” at all. Are consumers getting ripped …

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