B’More Organic: We Take Care in Our Sourcing

    February 27, 2017
By Catharine McDonald
Marketing Associate & Brand Ambassador, Bmore Organic

At B’more Organic, where we make a healthy Skyr yogurt smoothie, we are dedicated to helping all Americans eat healthier.

Our hope is that with the development of more local, organic farms, all Americans will gain greater and more affordable access to products that can help them continue to make better choices for a healthier life.

Within the marketplace, we work hard to put only the best ingredients in our organic, Icelandic style skyr smoothies.

Because milk is our main ingredient, it is important that we source from local, family-owned and -operated sustainable farmers. We take pride in our ability to develop relationships with the farms and farmers from whom we source. Take Sunrise Family Farms in Norwich, New York. We know them so we can trust that they actually produce organic, grass-fed milk that is local to our production facility.

Because the skim milk we use comes from healthy grass-fed cows, it is considerably higher in beta-carotene vitamins. Vitamin A aids in bone growth and immune system health, while vitamin E protects against toxins that can cause diseases.

When dairy cows are not treated with antibiotics or genetically engineered growth hormones that allow them to produce more milk, naturally, the volume of milk produced is much lower.

In addition, as consumer demand for organic products continues to grow, retailers are finding it challenging to keep up with supply. This gap between supply and demand puts pressure on prices and creates shortages of resources. This pressure is important, as consumers demand more ethically and sustainably produced milk, the hope is that more farms will actively make the switch to organic methods.

Until then, the current limited supply of organic grass-fed dairy will continue to put pressure on prices. Fortunately, B’more Organic’s growth and purchasing strategies enable us to maintain our retail price consistency. Even though non-organic sources of milk are a cheaper option, we will never compromise our core values to B’more Healthy, B’more Giving, and B’more Green for the sake of price. B’more Organic continues to scale larger, now offering smoothies across the United States, making our need for more organic farms even greater. As more consumers demand organic milk products, we are seeing positive growth in the market. To secure a more steady supply, there is still a need for more sustainable farms.



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