January 19, 2017

Good Day – Bwahahaha!

Some have labeled me a villain. By way of introduction, my name is “SuperBug.” My friends call me Jermie. It is my mission to become immune to all human antibiotics. I especially like to build my resistance to treatments for those with compromised immune systems, children and the elderly.

Hero2_1200x650I get my super-powers from the overuse of antibiotics. My strength really grows in agriculture, where 70 percent of all human antibiotics are sold for use on farms.

You see, some who raise livestock give antibiotics to ALL their animals. These animals are not sick. Rather, they’re given doses “just in case.” These low doses make regular microbes increasingly resistant to antibiotics until they become “superbugs” like me. We superbugs can make humans sick and even cause death!

When that resistance builds up, you get me: SuperBug. I am so strong most antibiotics are unable to fight me. Did you know that I recently came into the news in America? I’ve been something that people in the medical community have been warning about for years.

There are some who don’t want me to get any stronger. They want to keep me and other SuperBugs far, far away from you, your family and the public health. To that end, they are asking Maryland legislators to limit the use of human antibiotics in farm animals that are not sick. They are even asking you to take a moment to email your legislators in support of this legislation.

To that, I say PHHHHTTTT!

Because if this bill becomes law, I won’t be able to grow stronger. If I don’t grow stronger, I can’t recruit millions of other SuperBugs to join me in my resistance to the bacteria that make you and your family sick.

The Fair Farms campaign and others are working to get his legislation passed. They want you to write your legislator. Are you going to do this? Are you going to prevent me from completing my mission of bringing more antibiotic resistant superbugs to the people of Maryland?

I guess that would make you a hero.

Speaking on behalf of villains everywhere — we don’t much care for heroes. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. In the meantime, I’m SuperBug and if nothing changes, I’m coming for you!

For Fair Farms,

Jermie Superbug
Nefarious Villain Extraordinaire

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