A Food Future Laboratory on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

    March 19, 2019

Fair Farms has a kindred spirit in the Eastern Shore Food Lab at Washington College, a distinguishing program with a research, teaching, and production space that brings together students, faculty, staff, and community members to use food to “reconnect with what it means to be human.”

The Food Lab promotes ethical methods of food production that have sustained human and ecological health for millenia. Students learn a set of principles and decision-making techniques to design systems that emulate the tendency towards food abundance in the natural world. They demonstrate how alternative strategies to conventional agriculture can result in short and long term changes in food system.

The Lab hosts student interns, classes, and community events, and they are training a corps of volunteers to become agents of systemic change. Their Community Supported Kitchen focuses on making conscientiously-sourced, nutritious food in an affordable way. Wild and fermented foods take a prominent role in their research, as well as urban gardens and farms that provide high-quality, fresh foods with minimal environmental impacts.

The Eastern Shore Food Lab’s vision is to “transition culture by strengthening the ties between environment, society, family, and ourselves through food as we address issues of sustainability, food access, and dietary and social health.” By employing a series of interwoven strategies, much like the Fair Farms campaign, we believe they will achieve their goal of “zero waste by conscientious design and a commitment to revitalize human and ecological communities with every action.”

The Food Lab provides a model that institutions within any region can and should emulate. We look forward to finding opportunities to partner with them to–in their eloquent words– re-envision our food system, from how we define food to how we grow it and prepare it, inspiring us all.

Check them out here and learn more in the video below.


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