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VIDEO: Caroline County Schools in Denton Go All in on Local Foods

Fair Farms had a great talk with Beth Brewster, food services supervisor for Caroline County Public Schools and director of the nonprofit Chesapeake Culinary Center in Denton, MD. Although she’s only been on the job for six years, Brewster has transformed the school system from serving a few items on the menu from local farms to making procurement from locals a top priority.

In addition, she’s added educational components to teach kids (and their parents) how to prepare meals from scratch, read food labels, and make good purchasing decisions while shopping. The culinary center trains students in the culinary arts, service industry, event planning and bartending. They also run a coffee shop and cafe where the students learn on the job. The culinary center is a boon for employers in the service industry and a benefit for students who want to break into the culinary arts.

We hope her work can be a model for schools and communities throughout the state.


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